By Rich Funk

We all know that Blown Saves happen, even to the best closers. Sometimes it's because of a few bad breaks and broken bat singles. Sometimes your team's closer just sucks. I'm here to try and tell the story behind the BS. Every time one of the teams SFWH covers blows a save, we'll be here to cover it with Total BS!

Victim: Francisco Rodriguez, LA Angels
BS On The Year: 1

The Situation: LA's Joe Saunders pitched 8 superb innings and gave way to K-Rod, who promptly gave up the lead by going walk, double, double, walk to the 4 men he faced. The score was 2-1 Angels when he came in and 3-2 Indians by the time he left the mound.

BS Scale: 4 out of 5. Sure, the Angels came back to win this one, but K-Rod hurt himself. That is bad news for the Angels. Who else do you trust to close for you? Scot Shields? That dude can't even spell his first name right!