Free Tim Lincecum!

By Governor X

As I mentioned before, Tim Lincecum is too good to be on the San Francisco Giants. I don't want to like anyone on the Giants, but I can't help but like Lincecum. The 23 year old is currently in his 2nd year out of the University of Washington.

Lincecum made his MLB debut on May 6, 2007 after Russ Ortiz went down with an injury (big surprise there). A skinny son of a bitch, clocking in at 5'11" 170 lbs, he can easily hit 99 on the radar gun and has a delivery that reminds me of Orel Hershiser.

So how did the Giants trip over their dick into this kid? He doesn't fit the team profile: overrated and over the hill. I suspect their wine sipping GM Brian Sabean was asleep at the switch and some low level scout phoned in the draft pick behind his back. However they got him, he's there now and being held hostage by the worst team in the majors. If he remains, he'll inevitably end up like his teammate Matt Cain who went 7-16 last year with an ERA of only 3.65. Matt Cain is a stooge, so I hope he rots there. Tim Lincecum must be liberated though. Thus, the Free Tim Lincecum movement is officially formed. Check back for updates as the season progresses.

As of today, April 14, 2008, Tim Lincecum has been held prisoner by the San Francisco Giants for 344 days.