140 to go featuring Timbaland

By Governor X

Jesus...Timbaland really is in everything now, even this crummy Dodgers recap. Take a break dude.

Its been an eventful four days since I last brought you the countdown. Not on the field of course. The Dodgers mustered an unimpressive 2-2 mark against the Reds and Diamondbacks this week. All the exciting news with the Dodgers was off the field (with the lone exception of Kent and Torre getting ejected last night):

Blake DeWitt down/Nomar up

God damn it. DeWitt was showing some signs of being a decent player and all Nomar shows is the shame of a man whose wife has bigger biceps than him. I think we may have seen the 3rd baseman of the future though since LaRoche is made of glass. DeWitt won't be gone long.

Dodger Stadium Renovations

The team announced a 4 year $500 million dollar renovation plan for Dodger Stadium. Basically it sounds like they're leaving the actual stadium itself intact, but building all the useless new ballpark shit for people with ADD on the perimeter. As a fan of utilitarian minimalist Soviet era architecture, I can't say I approve. These new ballparks have too much going on. When I go to the game, I go to watch the game. Its not a shopping trip and kids should be paying attention to baseball, not fucking around in a bounce house while AndrEw Jones strikes out again. To pay for the renovations, those seats in the Pavilion that used to cost $6 will be $125 starting next season and after all these upgrades, there will still be a line to use that disgusting trough in the men's room.

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Last four games: 2 for 15, 4Ks
Current BA: .162
Projected K total: 184