160 to go: Mt. Bowa Erupts

By Governor X

How many times have you seen the third base coach get tossed? It only took two games for Larry Bowa to lose it. God I love this guy. The argument went precisely like this:

Ump: Get back in the coaching box.

Bowa: No. Go fuck yourself.

Larry gets tossed and completely loses it, going so crazy he needs to be restrained by Joe Torre. On his way to the locker room, he knocks over a cooler, which gets a round of applause from Andruw Jones. Bowa promises to be as entertaining as Milton Bradley.

The game...the Dodgers looked terrible. Fortunately they were playing the Bad News Bears. Lowe was his usual half-assed self letting runner after runner reach base, but the Giants couldn't knock anyone in. Their first run of the season came on a bases-loaded walk by Joe Beimel. Their lead evaporated almost immediately thanks in large part to the double steal the Dodgers pulled off in the next inning. In the bottom of the ninth, the Delwyn Young hit a grounder to Ray Durham who threw to the wrong base allowing Furcal to score the go-ahead run. I almost feel sorry for Giants fans right now...