By Rich Funk

We all know that Blown Saves happen, even to the best closers. Sometimes it's because of a few bad breaks and broken bat singles. Sometimes your team's closer just sucks. I'm here to try and tell the story behind the BS. Every time one of the teams SFWH covers blows a save, we'll be here to cover it with Total BS!

Victims: Justin Speier, LA Angels and Brian Wilson, San Francisco Giants
BS On The Year: Speier - 1, Wilson - 1

The Situation: Both Speier and Wilson came in to close out their respective games with a 1 run lead. Wilson walked a hitter and gave up a few hits/sacrifices and left the game tied at 2. Speier got 2 quick outs, walked a batter and gave up a gopher ball to Travis Hafner.

BS Scale: The Wilson blown save is a 1 out of 5 just because no one expects anything out of the Giants this year. I'm giving the Speier blown save our first 5 out of 5 rating on the BS Scale. When you want to contend like the Angels plan to this season, you have to win games against other contending teams like Cleveland. When you have them down, you've gotta nail the door shut and Speier couldn't do that. With Francisco Rodriguez out, the Angels have to find someone that can close the door for them.