159 to go: The Stinging Rain of Defeat

By Governor X

Dodger Stadium covered in a tarp...how depressing. Unfortunately, what happened when the tarp was off was even more depressing. In spite of the Giants making every effort to lose the game, the Dodgers blew it and suffered their first loss of the year Wednesday night 2-1.

First, because of the rain, both Bochy and Torre scrapped their starting pitchers and went with scrubs in anticipation of a 5 inning ballgame. Later, when it looked like the rain had passed, they both came in, only to suffer a rain delay an inning later. That'll teach you to overthink these things.

The Giants' Tim Lincecum is good. In fact, he's too good for that sorry ass franchise. I will soon be spearheading the "Free Tim Lincecum" movement. He deserves to play for a less reprehensible team. In his relief work (sneaky move by Bochy to use his starter in relief, thereby nulifying his crappy bullpen), he shut the Dodgers down, which wasn't hard when guys like Russell Martin stare at a fastball over the plate with a 3-2 count, the bases loaded, and two outs. Three games and no hits so far for Russell. Time to step it up you filthy Newfie.

News and Notes:

- So happy with last night's loss, the team ensured there would be many more to come by calling up the worst Dodger ever, Chan Ho Park. You may remember Park from such highlights as giving up #71 & #72 to Bonds and allowing Fernando Tatis to hit two grand slams in one inning.

- Larry Bowa was suspended by Major League Asshole Bob Watson for 3 games because of Tuesday's tirade and wasn't happy:

"I'm really frustrated with Bob Watson," said Bowa. "He's got an agenda against me for some reason going back to when I started managing and coaching and I have no idea why. He's going to get me any way he can get me."

"Guys have admitted taking steroids and they're still playing and I get ejected and get three games? Something's not right."

Give 'em hell Larry.