148 to go: Jackie Robinson Day

By Governor X

Mark it Dude...the Dodgers don't lose on Jackie Robinson Day.

The Dodgers rebounded from the devastating blown save by Saito on Monday with an 11-2 drubbing of the Butt Pirates. Loney extended his hitting streak to 14 games and Charley Steiner needed a change of pants after Matt Kemp's mad dash for third on his 5th inning triple. I think he's still talking about it now. I haven't checked.

Yes, hearing the awkward on-air orgasm by Steiner after Kemp's triple means I was listening on the radio. Its an entirely different experience. Flag Hag Rick Monday doesn't really say much anymore. Steiner does all the talking and Rick only occasionally chimes in with an ad for AT&T wireless. We should really let him move on. Fans in other cities want to hear cell phone ads instead of the score for awhile.

The Hong Chih-Kuo/Esteban Loaiza shit has to stop. Pick one or the other. If Kuo can't give you at least 5 innings, he shouldn't be starting.

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Last night: 2 for 3
Current BA: .149
Projected K Total: 162

*Note: Due to my own laziness, beginning with the next series, the Dodgers recap will follow each series rather than each game. Apologies to Seattle. Why? Just because it sucks there.