153 to go: Janet Gets Out the Broom

By Governor X

Ugh...well that was an ugly series. Fortunately today's game was on while I was at work so I wasn't subject to the torment. Obi Wan Kuroda showed he was human allowing four runs and an imbalance in the force.

The Diamondbacks - who knew I may have been on to something when I picked them to go to the World Series? Well, Keith Olbermann did since he picked them too. Every time you look up there are a couple of these guys on base. Its maddening. Sweeps of the Dodgers and Rockies means they've won six in a row.

The Dodgers return home this weekend to face the Padres. Peavy and Penny again on Friday. God help us all.

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Wednesday: 1 for 2, 1K
Current BA: .129
Projected K total: 180