152 to go: Flying Blind

By Governor X

OK, for the first time this year, I didn't see the Dodger game (thank you Eileen), so I'm flying blind with tonight's update. It was Penny vs Peavy, so I figured I wouldn't be missing much and I was right. From what I gather, Penny was a wreck giving up six singles in one inning and ultimately throwing 119 pitches. The Dodgers put up a noble effort against Hoffman in the ninth, but Jeff "Get Off My Lawn" Kent struck out with the bases loaded.

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Tonight: 0 for 4
Current BA: .114
Projected K Total: 178
Pissed off fans: 56,000 (AndrEw was booed off the field following his 3rd and 4th at bats)