Meet The Athletics

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Due to the frequently rotating roster of the Oakland Athletics, I have decided to compose a short bio of some of the players that may be unknown to the masses. You never know - you might read one of these bios and find a new favorite player...Or you might think to yourself "Wow - how can I get those 2 minutes of my life back?" Either way, today I'd like you to meet: Starting Pitcher Dana Eveland.

Before we meet Mr. Eveland, I would like to say that my other half confused Dana Eveland with Dallas Braden a few minutes ago. That's a perfect example as to why people need to be educated on the members of the potential AL West Champions (No, I haven't been drinking. I just live in hope).

Anyway, on to Dana Eveland. He was born October 29,1983 in Olympia, Washington. He grew up, did some stuff, then attended Hill College in Texas. According to Hill College's website, Dana was encouraged to "Be a Rebel!" but was also encouraged to follow the college's core values of Integrity, Educational Excellence, Student Success, Respect, Enthusiasm, and Collaboration. How can you be a rebel and follow the rules at the same time? I'm guessing Dana spent his time at Hill College as a very confused man.

In 2002, Eveland was drafted by the Brewers. He appeared in 36 games for the Brewers, and his ERA was a lot higher than current gas prices. After the 2006 season, he was sent to the Diamondbacks in the "blockbuster" Doug Davis trade. He appeared in 5 games for Arizona last year, and had an ERA of over 14. Wow...with an ERA like that, it's no wonder that the A's were so interested in him...

Anyway, after last season, Eveland was sent to Oakland in the Dan Haren trade. After a decent Spring training, he was named to the starting rotation. He currently has a 2-1 record with a 1.90 ERA. I'm getting kind of tired and I want to watch the rest of the Spurs-Suns game, so I'll wrap this up by giving the generic response of "If Eveland can continue to pitch like he has so far this season, he'll be a great asset to the A's pitching staff." Although he could definitely stand to walk fewer guys. But in my opinion, he's already more of an asset to the team than Rich Harden, because he's gone more than 2 games without hurting himself. And he follows in the footsteps of other lady-named athletes such as Tracy McGrady, Andrea Bargnani, Kelly Johnson, and fellow Bay Area athletes Dana Stubblefield and Stanford's Brook and Robin Lopez.

You go, girls!