134 to go: The Brooms Stay Out

By Governor X

Keep the brooms out Arnie! Another series, another sweep. The Dodgers who were on life support just a week ago have rebounded with a second consecutive series sweep.


Blake DeWitt nearly hit a grand slam Wednesday night. With LA already up big, Blake crushed a ball that would have gone out of any proper baseball stadium.

Russell Martin continued to rebound from his slow start. In 11 days, he has raised his batting average a full 100 points and has now hit in 8 straight.

Juan Pierre is an RBI machine. He now has 10 on the year in limited duty.


Frankly, at this point, I'm bored with bashing Fat Ass Jones, but he is now literally the only guy on the team save for Gary Bennett who can't hit the ball. Jones was 1 for 6 in the first two games before Torre sat him down today.


If your team gets swept and no fans bother to show up, did it really happen? Something to ponder Florida...

The AndrEw Jones Watch

This Series: 1 for 6
Current BA: .159
Projected K Total: 168