SFWH Player Playlist

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America seems to be captivated by celebrity iPod playlists. When the contents of President Bush's iPod were revealed, the media jumped all over it. And iTunes features the playlists of such A-listers as Judith Light (Avril Lavigne? Really?), Poison (they have their OWN songs on their playlist. That's lame), and Donny Osmond (he's got Avril Lavigne on there, too! What the hell is wrong with these people?). So due to the fact that I have access to several West Coast baseball clubhouses,* (Alyssa Milano hooked me up) I've decided to share certain players' playlists with you, the loyal reader. Today, we're going to take a look at Barry Zito's playlist...

Now, Barry Zito already has a playlist on iTunes, but due to his recent banishment to the bullpen, his taste in music has changed. And since the Giants are probably afraid to put him in ANY game, he's going to have a lot of time to sit around and listen to this. So here's his newest playlist:
  1. Loser - Beck
  2. How Do You Like Me Now?! - Toby Keith
  3. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
  4. Help! - The Beatles
  5. Take The Money and Run - The Steve Miller Band
  6. Nobody's Fault But Mine - Led Zeppelin
  7. Unwell - Matchbox Twenty
  8. Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie
  9. Loser - 3 Doors Down
  10. Stuck With You - Huey Lewis and the News
  11. Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand
  12. Is This It - The Strokes
  13. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
  14. I Practically Stole Over 100 Million Dollars But I Don't Care Because I'm a Long-Haired Hippie - Barry Zito

* No, I don't. I made all of this up.