Maddux And The New Writer

By Rich Funk

The pressure of winning game #351 must be weighing heavily on Greg Maddux.

Like I've mentioned here before, winning game #350 was tough enough for Maddux. Winning #351 is even harder. One game harder to be exact. The time between win 349 and 350 was 5 starts. So if my theory is correct, it'll be 6 starts until we get to that fabled mark of #351. So mark down Saturday, June 14th in your calendars. Mad Dog will be celebrating #351 in Cleveland.

In other Padres news, they are no longer the worst team in the majors! Good for them! The Pod People are currently one game better than the Seattle Mariners. Padres...Mariners...both outside shots at the playoffs...both have a hard time scoring runs...both have decent seafood. So they've got that going for them, which is nice.

And what better way to celebrate all that is Mariners' baseball than bringing in a fan to SFWH! We've got a new writer starting here some time this week, so be on the lookout. because if you're not, said new writer will most likely punch you in the throat and make off with your wallet. The picture below is the last person that messed with the new writer: