A's "O" Needs TLC ASAP

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Yeah - I don't really understand the title of this post, either...

But here's what I do understand: The A's offense has been having...shall we say..."problems" lately. They're 2-8 over their last 10, and they've scored 2 or less runs in 6 of those losses - 3 of them being shutouts. So after examining the team's roster, I have decided to make a few lineup suggestions. Here's how I'd shuffle up the order:

1. Bobby Crosby - I think Crosby should be batting leadoff right now. He's got one of the highest batting averages on the team (as far as everyday players go), and although he may not fit the ideal "leadoff" profile, he does have a decent amount of speed and has shown patience at the plate from time-to-time (although it would be nice if he showed a bit more consistency).
2. Jack Hannahan - Aside from Jack Cust, he's the everyday player with the highest OBP. He also takes a lot of walks. The reason I don't think he should bat leadoff is because when Crosby's healthy, he seems to be a better baserunner than Hannahan has proven to be so far. It's early in his career, and he might develop into a decent leadoff hitter, but right now, I don't think he has the experience to set the table.
3. Frank Thomas - When Jack Cust was struggling, it made sense to bat Frank Thomas behind him for protection. But now that Cust is finally warming up (so far this month, he's slugging close to .600), I think we should have him protect Thomas (who before yesterday's 2 homer game, had a SLG close to .400, which is quite a bit off from his career mark of .558) until he starts to hit for more power (he showed signs of life with the multi-homer game against Tampa Bay). Hitting in front of Cust should get Thomas a few more fastballs, which'll hopefully allow him to hit a couple more home runs.
4. Jack Cust - (see above). And here's a fun piece of Jack Cust trivia (courtesy of the always truthful wikipedia): He and teammate Jack Hannahan are both legally named John Joseph, yet both choose to go by Jack. In other fun trivia, my dog's name was JJ, but it was short for Joseph Junior. See the connection here? Nope. I don't, either.
5. Emil Brown - His RBI total = high enough to bat near the top of the order. His OBP = low enough to bat towards the bottom. Let's compromise and stick him in the middle.
6. Daric Barton - Forever known as the "other guy" in the Dan Haren/Mark Mulder trade, Barton is not having the rookie season Billy Beane promised me. It's still early, but here's what we know so far: Barton does walk a lot, but he also strikes out a lot, and has one of the lowest SLG in the lineup. I haven't given up on Barton - he could get good - but right now, he's like Jack Cust, but without the power (and the portly frame). So that's why he's sixth.
7/8. Kurt Suzuki/Mark Ellis - Kurt Suzuki started the year out hitting pretty well. According to the A's website, he batted .339 over his first 17 games. But now he's in a slump and has lost the leadoff spot in the order. So until he starts hitting the ball again more consistently, it's down in the lineup for him. Ellis ain't doing so hot, either (he was batting .200 in May before he got hurt), so when he comes back from his injury, he should be in the bottom, too.
9. Ryan Sweeney - Sweeney has some promise, and batting him this low in the lineup will take pressure off him while he develops. The other advantage of batting him ninth is that he can act as a sort of "second leadoff hitter," since his average is currently hovering around .300. If Rajai Davis is in the lineup, he'll work as a second leadoff man, too, mostly because of his speed.

Now, if Bowen's in the lineup, put him in Suzuki's spot. If Murphy or Petit are in the lineup, put them in Ellis' spot. If Mike Sweeney is in the lineup at DH, put him at cleanup and put Cust in the 3 spot. If Mike Sweeney is playing 1st base, put him 2nd, and drop Hannahan down to Barton's spot in the lineup.

Bob Geren, if you're confused by any of this, call me. We'll do lunch...

Now, who bats third?