Riches to Rags

By Governor X

Italian citizen and mustache aficionado Mike D'Antoni has opted to leave the Phoenix Suns in favor of the New York Knicks. Why in gods name would anyone do such a thing? New York sucks and I mean that in terms of the city AND the team. Patrick Ewing and the days of respectability in New York are so far in the past they're now studied in archeology classes.

It was probably the money ($24 million) and the realization that nothing was going to happen with the Suns. Mike's run'n'gun style and the half assed attitude of stars like Nash and Stoudemire couldn't get it done in the playoffs. The Suns won at least 54 games in each of his full seasons as head coach but couldn't win a Championship.

The Suns now begin an off-season coaching search for the first time since 1988.