Making Up for Lost Time

By Brant Brown

If you are among our four loyal readers, you have noticed a dearth of Padres and Angels coverage in this young season. Much like the Padres with their Jim Edmonds mishap, we have now realized our error and will work to rectify it. Oh, but the Edmonds reference is old news already. If he was going to hop over to the Cubs so quickly, couldn't the Padres have at least traded him to the North Side in exchange for another "ill-tempered, underperforming, might as well hang 'em up" player ala Mark Prior and Michael Barrett? Surely the Cubs could have given the Pads Jason Marquis...

Ah, but I digress...or something. YOUR San Diego Padres, as your beloved radio play-by-play man Ted Leitner would call them in these darkened times, have reached the lowest of lows, and should probably be spared ridicule from outsiders like us. Unfortunately, we can't let that happen. It's not what Steve Finley would have us do. We will pile on when necessary from here on out, and though we would praise any positive revelation on San Diego's season, we just don't foresee any of those happening. Brace yourselves Padres fans, it will indeed be a long, grueling summer.

Lest the Angel fans feel slighted, I can assure their loyal followers that they will not escape SFWH's wrath. Matthew Brown? Really? Yikes. Howie Kendrick = Mr. Glass. I won't even go into the rest of their young stars that they should have parted ways with years ago. I hope they're grooming a new closer for next year.

It's a long season, and there is plenty of time for Vlad's knee cartilage to disappear or Peavy's arm to blow out. We'll be here to detail the rest of it, including the expected purge in San Diego, and Anaheim's (not Los Angeles) perennial futility at the trade deadline. We hope you hang in there with us.