Daft Funk's West Coast Musings

By Rich Funk

Another Friday, another set of musings. West Coast Musings are the blogger who can't think of anything's best friend!

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Now, on to your regularly scheduled pointlessness.

  • So how about them Padres? Lost in the wake of Albert Pujols laying waste to their team like Brittney Spears tearing through a box of Waffle Crisp is Brian Giles. Since moving the former Pirate and artificial tanning aficionado to the #3 spot in the lineup, he's 15-25 this week. Expect to see him in another uniform by the end of the month.
  • Can I just say that Chris Young is a trooper? After getting his nose smashed in by Pujols, he calmly sat there on the ground next to the pitcher's mound, bleeding all over himself. He didn't even grimace...he just sat there as if he wasn't gushing out vital fluids and waited for the trainer. Although he may have had some kind of concussion...
  • Has anyone had a harder time over the last few weeks than the Oakland A's? They ran into Cleveland during their crazy-hot starting pitching scoreless streak. They went straight to Atlanta (20-5 at home). Then they hosted the red-hot first place Rays, who threw James Shields (3.38 ERA), Scott Kazmir (3-1, 1.57 ERA) and Andy Sonnanstine (6-1 at the time) at them. Now they get Boston, the best team in baseball and winners of 7 straight. Did I mention that the Red Sox will trot out Josh Beckett and Mr. No-Hit Jon Lester over the weekend?
  • Looking for a reason Oakland isn't scoring runs? Sure they've faced great pitching for a few weeks straight, but this season, Travis Buck, Mark Ellis, Kurt Suzuki, Rajai Davis, Jack Hannahan and Daric Barton have hit .193 out of the leadoff spot. In their 48 games this season, the A's first batter of the game has gone 7 for 47 (.149 AVG) with only one walk.
  • Barry Zito just can't catch a break, and I love it. Before he got "demoted" to the bullpen, Zito was 0-6 with an ERA of 7.54. In his 3 starts after returning to the rotation, he's got 3 straight quality starts and a respectable 3.94 ERA...and he's 0-2.
  • The Angels still continue to be MLB's most boring team. Where else could serious pre-Mitchell Report rumors of steroid use pop up for a player (Gary Matthews Jr.), and no one even really remembers? The government should start using Anaheim as a witness protection relocation area. Especially if they're relocating people like this brohamulus.
  • With the Diamondbacks' offense starting to fade and Andruw Jones out of the lineup, the Dodgers are making a move. They're only 2.5 games out of first. But knowing the Dodgers, they'll put Andruw Jones and Nomar back in within a few weeks.
  • The Mariners...still not very good. When is that breakout season by Felix Hernandez going to happen again?
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