116 to go: Ganesh removes obstacles

By Governor X

...and man oh man did he (she?) ever remove a big fat one keeping the Dodgers down. AndrEw Jones has
torn knee cartilage and a "golf-ball sized wart" that may require surgery. If he does, he'll be out 4-6 weeks. Inexplicably, the Dodgers are hoping he can avoid the procedure until the off season. Why? Are they that fucking stupid that they want an injured fat guy hitting .167 playing every day? The answer is of course yes and if you need any proof, just remember that they were dumb enough to sign him in the first place.

Jones did not play against the Reds. And how did the Dodgers respond without their "slugger"? Just a quick sweep of those commie bastards from the Rust Belt. Ho hum... His replacement in center, Matt Kemp, went 7 for 12 with 2 RBI in the series. Yeah, lets get fatty back as soon as possible. *rolls eyes*

Brad Penny continues to blow ass. The Dodgers won in spite of him giving up five runs in the first game and he has now allowed 20 runs in his last three starts. Someone check him for golf-ball sized warts please.

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Series with the Reds: Did not play
Golf-ball sized warts: 1