Panic in Padre-Land

By Brant Brown

Panic you say? Panic because they have the worst record in the majors? Panic because they have the largest deficit in the standings? Panic because Mark Prior will never see the light of day? No, no, none of these things. They're panicking and searching for the nearest ledge because their pride and joy, Jake Peavy, has discomfort in his elbow. Uh oh.

Face it, the season is lost for the Padres, and we haven't even made it to Labor Day. Oh sure, stranger things have happened, but look at that roster. It is not major league quality. Most fans and anyone around the team knows their offense is abysmal, but they have the pitching, right? Yeesh, not when you're counting on the incredible comeback story that is Shawn Estes. Not when the normally reliable Chris Young has an ERA over 4.00. Or you're throwing Randy Wolf and his 5.00 ERA every fifth day, and not when Greg Maddux is showing that he's wearing down. And now Peavy. Let's just hope it's inflammation I suppose...

This team needs an overhaul. Fortunately, they have just the right guy in the front office to work on this, though his exact role is vague, and we don't know if or how much control he has over any personnel moves. Jody Gerut is a quality stopgap until a Felix Pie or equivalent can be traded for. Obviously Giles needs to go at the trade deadline; someone will need an outfielder with a strong OBP down the stretch, even if only in a bench role. Trade Greene and cross your fingers for a decent pitching prospect or corner outfileder in return. Let Maddux go to a contender for one more run, perhaps a reunion with the Braves or Cubs, though by all accounts he wants to stay in Southern California. Peavy (elbow willing) and Gonzalez are your building blocks, but that's nothing you fans don' t already know. Sit back and don't fret too much this year, or next year, or the year after that. Accept the fact that this is a rebuilding project and embrace the positive steps that are sure to be taken. Hey, at least you have a great park to take in a game.