122 to go: Is that Halley's Comet?

By Governor X

No, that was something almost as rare: an AndrEw Jones home run. I guess its no surprise that a fat man like Jones waited to visit a town of fat men for his bat to wake up. Jones went an astounding three for nine in the series driving in two runs.

Not so rare? Fellow fat man Brad Penny blowing ass. Coming off a 10-run outing against New York, Penny gave up 5 runs in the first game of this series. Its now a toss-up between Penny and Lowe to see which Dodger pitcher will make me throw something at the TV first.

Someone tell Ryan Braun to lay off the eyeliner please...

The AndrEw Jones Watch

Series with Milwaukee: 3 for 9, 2RBI, 1HR (Way to go tubby!)
Current BA: .182
Projected K Total: 162