The Rise And Fall Of The Cubs In California

By Rich Funk

I've always known that the Cubs are a popular team. Even when they're on the road, there's always a large number of Cubs faithful in the stands. Hell, some stadiums have a 50-50 split (See: Miller Park).

But is this a good thing?

Tonight, while eating at the local chain Chinese food restaurant, I was sporting my Cubs hat. One of the waiters came up to me and asked how the Cubs were doing. Having to prove that he was a true fan, he whipped out his cell phone and showed me his Cubs wallpaper. Later, when dessert came, the waitress asked how the Cubs were doing. On the way out, another waiter said "Hey, go Cubs!"

Things look suspiciously like the Red Sox pre-2004. Before 2004, the Red Sox were the little team that couldn't. Everyone loved them and their fans because, gosh darn it, they tried so hard, didn't they? How cute is that?

So how are things going to work once the Cubs (hopefully) win the Series? Are the Cubs going to become the new Red Sox? Are we going to become just another big-market team with obnoxious fans and an overblown payroll a la the Yankees/Sox?

Right now, everyone in San Diego loves me and loves my Cubs hat. After a Series win, will I be just another frat douche walking around with the trendy hat of the week claiming that I had been a Cub fan all of my life, even though "no really, I've loved the Cubs forever" just like everyone else who comes out of the woodwork?

All I can hope for is that the year after the Cubs win the Series, the Indians win one of their own and take the pressure off the Cubs. Cleveland guys are douchebags too.