Jim Edmonds was Here

By Governor X

No, that "396" isn't his age...but its close.

The Padres, who have replaced the Giants as the team in the NL West most likely to lose 100 games, have
released Jim Edmonds. Edmonds was a shell of his former self, hitting just .178 and unable to shag fly balls. The team called up Jody Garut to replace him. You may remember Jody if you're related to him, and probably not even then.

You haven't heard much about the Padres here on SFWH, but to be blunt, they're a joke. They've fallen to a major league worst 12-23 and currently sit 11 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks. Unable to score any runs, they have repeatedly foiled Greg Maddux' attempts at getting career win 350. Frankly Bulldog, it serves you right. You should have taken one look at that roster and ran for the hills. Unless you signed with Kansas City or Washington, you probably could have wrapped up your career with some measure of respectability if not on a contender. Lots of teams currently at the top of the league have gaping holes in their rotations right now.

So anyway, goodbye Jim Edmonds. I never liked you anyway.