Now announcing a Dodgers boycott

By Governor X

The Dodgers "saws and whiskey" medical staff has struck again: Juan Pierre is on the DL. I've been one of Pierre's VERY few defenders out here in Dodgersland, but the loss of him isn't why I'm boycotting.

I'm boycotting because Jason Repko is back.

If you don't know who he is, consider yourself lucky. He's only one of the sorriest sons of bitches to ever wear a Dodgers uniform. To thank the Dodgers for his undeserved call-up, he went 0 for 5 tonight with 4 strikeouts.

I've had to tolerate a lot of shit from this team in recent years and this year in particular, but Repko is the final straw. I'm boycotting the Blue until this sadsack goes back to Vegas where he belongs.