Great Moments in Padre History

By Governor X

Since their inception in 1969, the San Diego Padres have been known for three things: Tony Gwynn, ugly uniforms, and disappointment. Since we believe knowledge is power, we here at Finley will bring you some of the highlights of the past 40 years of Padre baseball.

July 25, 1990 - Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, CA - Roseanne Barr "Sings" the National Anthem

For reasons known only to them, the Padres invited comedienne Roseanne Barr to sing the national anthem before a Padre game. The team's ownership was in flux at the time, so maybe an intern suggested it as a joke and no one bothered to stop it. The results were predictably disastrous. Roseanne, a woman with a speaking voice that could break glass, screeched her way through the national anthem and then promptly spit and grabbed her crotch offending the half empty stadium and later, thanks to the magic of television, millions across the nation. Hear it here in all its glory. Truly a GREAT MOMENT IN PADRE HISTORY!