The Giants Make Huston Street Wet

By Rich Funk

In the bottom of the 9th in last night's Oakland/San Francisco game, the sprinkler system at AT&T park came on just as the Giants were down to their final out. There are a few reasons this could have happened:

1. The Giants were expecting to have lost by then and didn't bother re-scheduling the sprinklers when it took them about 15 minutes longer than usual to lose the game.

2. The Giants have resorted to cheating, using the sprinklers to distract Huston Street in an attempt to hit a game-winning 6-run home run off of him. And yes, San Francisco brass thinks 6-run homers are possible. These are the same people that put together Barry Zito's contract.

3. In an attempt to boost ratings, the Giants wanted a few shots of Huston Street soaking wet in tight pants. It did happen in San Francisco after all...