Steve Finley Was Here Fail Of The Week

By Rich Funk

Each week, we here at SFWH are going to single out one turd sandwich from here on the west coast and bestow upon them the honor of being the Steve Finley Was Here "Fail Of The Week"!

The Mariners had big plans for the 2008 season. After having a better than expected 2007 campaign, they decided to go for it this year by trading the future (Adam "Don't Call Me Pacman" Jones) for a bit of present-day action (Erik "Don't Call Me Pacman" Bedard). Seattle hoped to contend for a wide open AL West crown or at least have a shot at the Wild Card.

March 31
April 2
April 17
April 22

Those are all of the dates this season that the Mariners were able to go to bed with a record above .500. On all of those days, The M's were one game over.

The Mariners are now 24-45, 21 games under .500. What else did the Mariners expect? Did they really think they could win with a roster filled with the likes of Richie Sexson, Adrian Beltre, Carlos Silva and Jarrod Washburn? Who the hell gave all these people money?

GM Bill Bavasi? You, sir, should be fired. Ooops wait, you were.