93 to go: The Dodgers are Awful

By Governor X

The only good thing I can say about the Dodgers trip to Detroit is that no one got stabbed or shot (that I'm aware of anyway). They ran their scoreless streak to 24 innings before getting a run on Saturday, and after coming back from a rain delay tied 0-0 on Sunday, it took them all of 2/3rds of an inning to blow it eventually losing 5-4.

Penny gave up 7 runs in less than 4 innings on Saturday and then promptly returned to Los Angeles having pleasantly revealed that his shoulder has been fucked all year. This isn't the first time a Dodger has hidden his injury from the team. These assholes need to have a clause in their contract that says they forfeit some of their salary if they hide an injury from the team.

Another injury is no big surprise. I've said for years that the entire Dodgers training staff needs to be shown the door. This team is plagued by more crap injuries than any other team I've ever seen. Its actually getting worse now though. Nomar and Furcal are essentially out indefinitely with muscle strains. Nomar is no real loss, but no Furcal in the lineup is really killing the offense.

There is nothing to like about this team right now except for Blake DeWitt and Clayton Kershaw. I will soldier on though.