87 to go: Too God Damned Hot

By Governor X

LA lost two of three to the no-name Indians over the weekend and managed to gain ground on the Diamondbacks. God hates the NL West. I was one of the few who braved 101 degree heat to see Saturday's loss. The game was boring as hell, 1-1 through 10 before Scott Proctor came in and blew the game. Selected photos from the game:

We arrive to see buzzards circling the stadium...a perfect metaphor for the Dodgers season.

God of Death and Destruction Clayton Kershaw and Jason Schmidt take in the game. Hopefully Clayton doesn't catch Jason's AIDS.

Joe Beimel, Internet God

The big screen at Dodgers Stadium always brings you uh, "interesting", tidbits about the players. Here we learn what Jamey Carroll likes to do in his spare time. What doesn't it tell you? The drawings are actually of young boys.

Angel Berroa looks really happy to be here.