By Rich Funk

Bankart Repair:
  • reattachment of the capsule and glenoid labrum to the glenoid lip;
  • subscapularis is carefully divided to expose the capsule, and is reapproximated without any overlap or shortening;
Caspsular transection:
  • external rotation of the humerus affords better capsular exposure and relaxes the nerve
  • insert a blunt retractor inferiorly to protect the axillary nerve, insert two single pronged skin hooks to elevate the capsule superiorly and place it under tension
  • vertically transect the capsule at a point midway between the lesser trochanter and the edge of the glenoid
  • carry this vertical capsular incision superiorly into the rotator interval, which converts the capsular incision into a T (since the rotator interval lies in a horizontal direction)
  • at the end of the case, the superior and inferior capsular capsular flaps are closed (and shortened) inorder to shift the inferior capsule in a superior direction
  • the vertical portion of the incision is closed anatomically (so that there will be no loss of external rotation)
Sound like something you could do yourself? Really? That's great news! That means you're qualified to be Mark Prior's doctor!
Jun 2 The Associated Press reports San Diego Padres SP Mark Prior (shoulder) will undergo shoulder surgery and miss the rest of the season. He will have surgery to repair the anterior capsule.