Richie Sexson: DUNZO!

By Rich Funk

Rumor out of Seattle today is that Richie Sexson is going to be released by the Mariners, possibly by the end of the week. This follows up the firing of Bill Bavasi just a few days ago as the M's try and donkey punch the weakest links out of their organization.

I think "Big Sexy" got kind of a bad rap in Seattle. While Sexson was in Milwaukee, the only thing he was good for was hitting homers and driving in RBIs. Batting average? I got your batting average right here (Points to a piece of paper that says .246).

Sure, giving him $50 million over 4 years was kind of a stretch, but in his first 2 years in Seattle, Sexson averaged 38 homers and 114 RBIs. Seems like what you should expect from him, no?

Sadly, Sexson has forgotten how to hit the long ball this year. Combine that with the fact that Sexson never really knew how to hit the short ball either, and you've got a guy looking for a new job.

Richie, don't look to your bat at times like this. It has no answers for you.