The 2007-2008 NBA Season is Over

By Governor X

I'm no Lakers fan, frankly I'm a Lakers hater, but this was pretty painful to watch. After a choke for the ages in game 4, they somehow managed to win game 5 to send things back to Boston. They must have missed the plane though because no one on the Lakers bothered to show up. There hasn't been a bloodbath like this since Waco.

How do you lose by 39 in the Finals? You're supposed to be good. Lakers Nation isn't worried though. They tell me Andrew Bynum will save them next year. They also tell me Bynum can turn water into wine and cure lepers. Oh well, the Lakers car flags will go back in the closet until next June right by the boogie board and two-sizes too small speedo.

Reality is setting in now...

Boston just won another championship. Fuck. Did you see that interview with Kevin Garnett? Someone needs to calm him the fuck down. Ritalin or something. Good lord, just shoot me now...they're playing Springsteen. Stuart Scott is giving out the MVP. Thats it, I'M FINISHED.

Utah Jazz in '09!!!!!!!!!!!