Son Of A Bitch...

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So the A's agreed to terms with pitching prospect Michel Inoa today. Apparently, it was an A's record for signing an amateur player. But seriously, how much would it take for an A's contract to be "record breaking" with the amount of money they have to spend? I think they signed Keith Foulke for 50 bucks and a case of Pop Tarts.

But the Inoa news was really the only bright spot for the A's today - considering Chavy was placed on the DL, Bobby Crosby hurt himself during today's game, Rich Harden might have some kind of dead arm, and our bullpen completely fell apart during the last 2 games of the Angels series (maybe Foulke got strawberry Pop Tarts instead of the blueberry ones he requested, and today's performance was his way of airing his grievances).

This has not been a good day for me.

Oh yeah, and while I'm venting, F you Baron Davis! You left the Warriors to become a Clipper? A freaking Clipper? You might as well have left the Warriors to play on my junior high basketball team. Whatever.