Seattle: Suddenly Interesting

By Governor X

Once so boring, we didn't even bother to use the teams name in their label, the Mariners are suddenly interesting. Unlike most teams who suck and are content to do so for years or decades or even a century (*cough*Funk*cough*), the worst in the majors Mariners are cleaning house.

GM Bill Bavasi - Gone.

Underachieving Man Child Richie Sexson - Maybe gone.

and today, Manager John McLaren - Gone.

McLaren, who took over after Mike Hargrove quit for no particular reason in the middle of last year, was sacked before the team's road trip to Atlanta. Jim Riggleman, who has enough Frequent Failure Miles to travel around the world five times, will take over the team for the rest of the year. With the Giants disappointingly almost mediocre, my hopes for a 110 loss team must now be pinned on Seattle.

With the GM and Manager gone, the next move is the on-field fire sale.

We are now accepting bids for this lovely CF from Japan! Sure he's overpaid, but he sure puts asses in the seats. Lesbians need not bid.

Stay tuned to Marinerland as your team may pick up one of these sad sacks for pennies on the dollar.