A Pleasant Surprise?

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According to the Oakland A's website, former manager Ken Macha paid a visit to his old team at Spring Training over the weekend - you know, to chat, catch up with his former players, re-live the good ole' days when he was fired after the A's got owned by the Tigers in the 2006 ALCS...

Macha said he wanted to thank his former players for everything they did for him.

That had to be really awkward. It's like an old boyfriend who can't deal with the fact that you've moved on, so they show up at all of your favorite restaurants, and send you e-mails talking about the "good times," and you eventually have to get your phone number changed because they won't let you enjoy your newfound freedom. And then once you change your number, your stupid friend Joan gives them your new one, and you've gotta deal with their shenanigans all over again. Wait...What were we talking about?

Oh yeah - Ken Macha. I wonder if he said anything to current manager Bob Geren...And if he did say anything, I wonder if phrases like "You guys practically finished in the basement last year," "I took them to the ALCS in '06" or "Neener, neener neener" came up at all...

The article also says he showed up wearing a green windbreaker. Wow, Kenny. You really need to let go. Plus, windbreakers haven't been fashionable everyday wear since the mid-80's.

On a final note, Bobby Crosby said he did a double-take when he saw Macha. Knowing Crosby, that double-take caused him to strain his neck, and he'll be out 4 to 6 weeks. Zing!