The Giants Are Awful: Part 1

By Rich Funk

See the desolate wasteland pictured above?

Welcome to the 2008 Giants season.

Never mind the fact that Bengie Molina is their cleanup hitter. Never mind the fact that coming into yesterday, Barry Zito had 0 strikeouts this spring. Never mind the fact that most of the everyday lineup will be over 35 years old.

All you have to know is this: FRESNO 4, GIANTS 3.

That's right folks...the Giants lost a spring training game to their own AAA team. If that happens, shouldn't the AAA team become the MLB team and the MLB team be demoted in their place? Seems only fair, right?

By The Numbers:

Giants Spring Training Record: 8-20
Combined age of the Giants starting lineup: 269
Millions of dollars owed to Barry Zito: 114
Number of "The Giants Are Awful" posts I'll write in 2008: 120