A's/Red Sox Game Recap

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The A's kicked off their season early this morning by losing to the Boston Red Sox in heartbreaking fashion...

Huston Street gave up a home run to Brandon Moss in the ninth to tie the game...And then Manny Ramirez hit a double off Street in the 10th, scoring David Ortiz and Julio Lugo to give the Red Sox the victory. By the way, I hope you weren't talking on the phone while Ortiz was working - you know how he hates that. Does he come to your job and talk on the phone while you're working?!

The A's did make somewhat of a comeback in the bottom of the 10th, though. Daric Barton scored on Emil Brown's double, but Brown was tagged out in a rundown. Then Bobby Crosby and Jack Hannahan hit a couple of singles to keep Oakland's hopes alive, but Kurt Suzuki grounded out to end the game.

Ok - so the A's lost and Huston Street blew it royally. But I have decided to look at the positives of this game: The A's held up pretty well against the defending World Series champs. Blanton pitched fairly well, Crosby went 2-for-5 without hurting himself, Embree and Foulke pitched well in relief, and the A's were able to get a few hits off closer/dancer Jonathan
Papelbon. I'd say that's not a bad way to start off the season - considering a lot of people don't expect the A's to do too well this year.

And although Street got worked and the majority of the A's bats were pretty cold (Crosby and Hannahan had 4 of the team's 7 hits...but the A's did have 7 walks, too), you can never tell whether the trip to Japan took a lot out of the players.

So although the A's lost the game, I wouldn't say it was all bad. We'll see what happens tomorrow when Harden takes the mound in the second game of the series. With the A's luck, he'll pitch a no-hitter, and then suffer a season-ending shoulder injury while trying to lift his carry-on bag into the overhead bin on the trip home. Sigh...*

* If it seems like I make a lot of cracks about players getting hurt, it's because humor is the only way I can deal with Oakland's injury issues without reaching for a bottle of hard liquor. They used the DL 22 times last year. 22 freakin' times!!