By Brant Brown

Welcome to the new sister site of Thunder Matt's Saloon, Steve Finley Was Here. This site will be dedicated to filling the void in quality informative, yet humorous, coverage of all California Major Leage Baseball teams. Why all of California? Well, to put it simply, it's tough to be a California baseball fan. Now, most of us in here claim allegiance to the Chicago Cubs. However, we now find ourselves out West, only able to witness our beloved Cubs live when they are playing in the enemy's stadium. What we see in these crowds often baffles us, sometimes bemuses us, and occasionally infuriates us. Fans arrive late. Fans leave early. Fans of the Padres cannot take criticism. Fans of the Angels are often delusional. Fans of the Dodgers under-represent themselves in the stands (even though every game is technically sold out). Fans of the Giants are desperate and in Bonds denial. A's fans are generally delinquent and sit too far away from the field. Televised games, particularly during the playoffs, begin when most West coasters are still at work. ESPN largely neglects the West in favor of the continuous Yankees/Red Sox orgy. You get the point. It's hard work being a West coast fan.

Having established this, why would we care about these teams? Well, we're stuck with them. Their's are the only games easily accessible on the radio during the drive home. Bars often don't have an MLB package, so we're forced to watch within our local market. We are the invading parasites, and we must learn to adapt to the host. What we can provide while we muddle through is a sounding board for the disparate views for and against these teams. We intend to give a detached analysis of the current state of each organization, with humor, biting criticism, and occasional praise.

If you're a fan of The Saloon, should you expect a carbon copy of TMS material? Absolutely not. You won't find the same staple of themes such as War Heros, the Realm of Red, etc. New concepts and running gags will evolve. Will there be a live drunk blog at some point? Surely there will. But this is not a clone of TMS; it will have its own unique place in the baseball blogosphere, and we hope you enjoy it. And if you don't? Whatever, you probably root for a California baseball team, so the rest of the nation doesn't care about your opinion.