161 to go...

By Governor X

Smile Tommy, the Dodgers won today. Two factors contributed a great deal to today's win:

1) I wasn't there. I'm going on about three years now where the Dodgers haven't won a game I attended.

2) The Giants, as documented here, are awful. They couldn't muster one run against the Dodgers today. Their starting shortstop is named Brian Bocock...I'm not kidding.

Blake DeWitt, the 4th string third baseman forced into a starting role when a comet hit the Dodger Dugout taking out Nomar, LaRoche, and Abreu in one swoop, got his first big league hit and only narrowly missed his first home run. AndrEw Jones, whom I have slammed as hard as anyone ever to wear a Dodger uniform, also got his first hit with the team.