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Sean Gallagher - the centerpiece of the trade that sent Rich Harden to the Cubs earlier this week - was fan-freakin'-tastic on the mound tonight...He pitched 7 innings, gave up 2 runs, and struck out 7 to get his first win in an A's uniform. And the Athletics decided to welcome him to the team by scoring 9 runs to back him up. Don't get used to that kind of run support, Mr. Gallagher.

Matt Murton also made an impact in tonight's game - hitting a 2-run single and making a couple of good defensive plays.

I'm really excited about our new guys, and I'm wondering if Beane has pulled off another great trade. I think Murton's bat could bring some offense to the team, and if Gallagher keeps pitching like he did tonight (against our division rival no less), he, Eveland, and Smith would make up the core of a good, young rotation. Throw our stud Duke in there, and it's even better. Joe Blanton? Well, we won't talk about him right now...

Things didn't go as well for Chad Gaudin in his debut for the Cubs. He gave up a home run to the first batter he faced as a Cub (he'll settle down, though. He's solid). And Rich Harden? He hasn't done shit for the Cubs!

What? He hasn't pitched yet? Whatever. I'm still really excited about tonight's win...

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