What I've been doing on my Dodgers vacation...

By Governor X

As one of our handful of loyal readers, you will be aware that on June 30th of this year I announced a Dodgers Boycott because I could no longer stomach the sorry state of the team. Originally in protest of the return of Jason Repko, the boycott became a rather pleasant vacation from watching my beloved Dodgers flounder and sink like the Titanic. No more teachers, no more books, no more watching AndrEw Jones striking out five times in a game...its just been too sweet. The team resumes play tomorrow and I am extending my vacation. So what have I been doing without Dodger baseball?


Through the last month, I have easily gotten shitty drunk as much as any time since my golden years in college in San Diego. I've noticed this: Beer knocks me out, but tequila keeps me going for hours. Getting drunk also keeps me from even checking the Dodgers score.


I've been reading a lot of hardcore leftist material since the boycott began. I am currently on my third book decrying American imperialism. When I try to board a plane in a couple weeks, I fully expect to find myself on the no-fly list. Prior to that, I burned through the excellent How Soccer Explains the World. If the leftist politics don't get me on the DHS radar, my love of soccer surely will.


My movie intake has been decidedly light and honestly I can't remember much that I've seen. Not a good sign. One that did manage to stand out was Southland Tales, Richard Kelly's chaotic follow-up to Donnie Darko. I would certainly not go so far as to call it good, but I would say its worth watching. Remember that creepy old bitty from Poltergeist? She's in it. So is Rebekkah del Rio who you may remember from Mulholland Drive. Mandy Moore drops F-bombs in it and that tasty little sexpot Sarah Michelle Gellar plays a porn star.